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Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram

Watch Tamil Sun TV Serial Nathaswaram at Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram started on 19 of April 2010. Nathaswaram starring by T. S. B. K. Mouli, Thirumurugan, Poovilangu Mohan, Srithika and Jeyanthi Narayanan. Directed and producer by Thirumurugan, He received high praising for his debut serial Metti Oli. This serial is family-oriented like Metti Oli.

This serial on 5 March 2014 achieved the feat of being the First Indian soap opera and Tamil television soap opera to be aired live. This was done to commemorate the Soap opera's 1000th Episode on 5 March 2014. By airing a 23-minutes 25seconds long live telecast in a single shot, the soap opera has earned a place in the Guinness World Records.

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Nathsawaram Episode 22 31/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 21 30/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 20 29/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 19 28/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 18 27/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 17 26/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 16 25/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 15 24/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 14 23/Aug/2016

Nathaswaram Episode 13 22/Aug/2016

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 12 22/Aug/2016

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 11

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 10 19/Aug/2016

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 09 18/Aug/2016

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 08 18/Aug/2016

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 07

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 06

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 05

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 04

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 03

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 02

Tamil TV Serial Nathaswaram Episode 01

Nadhaswaram Epiosde 1356 and Player 2 09/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1355 and Player 2 08/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1354 07/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1353 06/May/2015

Super Challenge Special with Nadhaswaram Team Promo 06/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1352 and Player 2  05/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1351 and Player 2 04/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1350 02/May/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1349 and Player 2 30/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1348 and Player 2 29/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1347 and Player 2 28/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1346 and Player 2 27/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1345 and Player 2 25/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1344 and Player 2 24/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1343 and Player 2 23/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1342 and Player 2 22/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1341 and Player 2 21/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1340 and Player 2 20/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1339 and Player 2 18/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1338 and Player 2 17/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1337 and Player 2 16/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1336 and Player 2 15/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1335 and Player 2 13/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1334 and Player 2 11/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1333 and Player 2 10/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1332 and Player 2 09/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1331 and Player 2 08/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1330 and Player 2 07/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1329 and Player 2 06/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1328 and Player 2 04/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1327 and Player 2 03/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1326 and Player 2 02/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1325 and Player 2 01/Apr/2015

Nadhaswaram Episode 1324 and Player 2 31/Mar/2015

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